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Hello and welcome to the 56th issue of Place! We all have that house we go back to in our minds. The one that is thick with memories, that anchored our childhood, or served as the launch-pad to adulthood. We can remember its corners, the sounds that surrounded it, echoing in from the street or the wilderness. In this week’s dispatch, Nikole Wintermeier delves into one such home — her family’s house in Annecy, France — and the growing pains she went through leaving it behind. ICYMI! We recently honoured our first birthday by launching

Since the dawn of time, humans are programmed to conform. Social Proof is embedded deep into our evolutionary code.

Aristotle said, “man is by nature social”. Today, it seems we’ve proved him right, from Cialdini to social media.

Human beings like to conform. We look to others to determine the correct way in which to behave. We compare constantly. Are influenced by the majority.

Our Instagram following thrives. We follow TikTok trends. Take our peers’ advice very, very seriously.

Yes, it means we get frustrated when our step counter isn’t as high as our friends’. It also means we’ll get…

Amsterdam Women’s March 2019, “Feminism is the radical notion that women are people”.

Guys — you’re in a bit of a pickle. Around you, women are rising up. Talking about periods. Talking back, period. Wearing pink hats. You’re being called out for remaining silent. You’re confused. Feel attacked. Don’t know what to do.

Hopefully, this guide will provide you with a better understanding of how you can play your part. Hopefully, you’ll understand how to should speak up, and especially why, in order to remove some of that confusion.

My girlfriends get harassed daily.

At a young age, we’ve been called “sluts” for the way we dress and behave.

We’ve felt guilty. Ashamed…

From 2008–2010 influenza attacked pregnant women more than anybody else. In 2019, the Ebola crisis reached its zenith in West and Central Africa. Out of 700 cases in the DRC, two-thirds were women ( ).

While there are a multitude of different reasons to consider pandemics to be a gendered crisis, the following are particularly relevant:

  • Men and women have different behaviours when it comes to hygiene and access to pharmaceuticals.
  • Gender imbalances in society mean that women are often more vulnerable than men to disease (For example: pregnancy, child marriages, period poverty and the gender pay gap).

Mbale, Eastern Uganda region

Prepare yourselves.

If you’re fascinated by culture then this will provide you a glimpse into ceremonializing circumcision in Eastern Uganda.

If you’re a man, you may want to prepare for the eventual shudder that will creep up your back as you experience sympathy-pain.

If you’re a practicing Jewish man living in the West, you may want to thank the stars that your own circumcision ceremony is now a painful memory now lost to the abyss of your developed brain.

In Eastern Uganda, boys get circumcised when they graduate from lower-to-mid high school at sixteen. Circumcision signifies their passage into “manhood”.

Once upon a time, Earth was an Edenic paradise: green, blue, and a yellow sun that shone equally down on every species. There were sloths the size of buildings and sabertooth tigers the size of the office you’re sitting in now.

The megafauna of this world lived in peace until a new species evolved and hunted them to extinction. This new species was called Man and Man’s first technological feat was to create fire and build tools.

Billions of years passed. Tools became weapons, and fire became responsible for the biggest

For parents, for friends who listen to Top 50, and for our older colleagues who equate listening to electronic music all weekend with taking illegal substances. Ouch, Mondays. You suck.

DJs don’t just scratch records.

Anybody who’s ever been to an underground club or electronic music festival outside the realm of EDM or Avicii (too soon?) will know this.

DJs collect records from around the world and repurpose music that would otherwise be lost to us.

And you know what? Mixing is very complex and difficult.

Think of that time Jeremy Underground and MCDE remixed James Brown’s I’m Satisfied, overlaying…

I was born in 1994.

Everyone talks of the ’90s, the good ol’ 60s, the hip-hop-hooped 2000s, or the generation of mustachioed coffee savants that came later.

But what about the ones in between?

I was born in 1994 so was still a silly little girl until the new millennium, meaning I can’t claim Linkin Park or Tupac as my own.

I remember my 1992-born sister listening to the Gorillaz on her walkman, hoop-earrings and flared denim jeans swaying to the beat of Feel Good chaka chaka, her crop-tops revealing the belly button piercing that sent my parents reeling.


All photos by the talented Clara Watt, hiking buddy/ photographe d’excellence/ beautiful soul

As the world commercializes a practice hitherto labeled as “Oriental” and idiosyncratic, the country of its genesis continues to celebrate yoga authentically, and in the same spiritual vein as its ascetic ancestors.

I’m sitting cross-legged on a beaten-up yoga mat that would have offended the sterility of my Western teachers. My yogi for the moment is called Assin and he is lost in meditation — “aligning his chakras”.

I’m also supposed to be meditating but I can’t help but open my eyes, taking in with breathless abandon the Himalayas stretching out in front of me.

What yoga in Nepal has…


Interested in identity politics, and the stories that make us human.

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